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          The talk ranged from local history, with the...

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          Sixth Form Application - 6th February 2020

          28th Jan 2020

          Sixth Form Application - 6th February 2020

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        • @lggssixthform - 30th Jan

          Applications to Sixth Form at //t.co/ZgpW6vkKre
        • @lggssixthform - 20th Jan

          With nearly 200 applications the Sixth Form Taster Day at is now full! However you can still apply online to our Sixth Form and, if you would like to arrange an alternative visit time, please do get in touch //t.co/L2bVSyQ9fi //t.co/mr8VWGucVS
        • lggssixthform Retweeted@uniofoxford - 17th Jan

          Nice work everyone! Congratulations! 🎉
        • lggssixthform Retweeted@meccambridge - 17th Jan

          Find out more & book your place on our HSPS (Human, Social & Political Sciences) & PBS (Psychological & Behavioural Sciences) Taster Day on 18 Feb: //t.co/YzbGksv1Ri //t.co/rMK3FmFTjR
        • @lggssixthform - 17th Jan

          Fantastic to see so many Sixth Formers receiving offers from and this week. We are really proud of every student who applied to be part of this process!
        • @lggssixthform - 15th Jan

          Great to see represented in this Telegraph article after our wonderful Sixth Formers achieved offers from //t.co/39YwLPf3YC
        • @lggssixthform - 8th Jan

          Preparations are well under way for our Sixth Form Taster Day at
        • lggssixthform Retweeted@32children - 8th Jan

        • lggssixthform Retweeted@groundswellidea - 19th Dec

          So inspiring to hear speak last night. Congratulations to all award winners and their teachers - all that hard work paid off in amazing work 👏👏 //t.co/bV5QArkOHV
        • lggssixthform Retweeted@the_female_lead - 19th Dec

          You thought 2018 was the Year of the Woman? Wait until you see the BEST moments of 2019. It will make you smile, laugh and feel PROUD of all the women owning their voice, rewriting history and embracing their power. Bring on 2020 ✊✊🏽✊🏾 //t.co/GR0PY3JU7i
        • lggssixthform Retweeted@tc6112 - 18th Dec

          Thank you for a festive and celebratory Speech Day. So apt to have a new award in memory of Lottie Edwards that celebrates human warmth and kindness - 'generosity of spirit'. 👏🌹
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